Power Emissions Monitoring Solution
The Wunderlich-Malec Emission Monitoring Solution is an accurate, low- maintenance, software-based method of performing continuous emission monitoring for several types of emission units. It automatically calculates data in real time, allowing environmental managers to monitor and report their continuous emissions and monitored parameter data in minutes.

Turns real-time, permit-based calculations and monitored data into industry-standard reports. Environmental Managers can easily compile the environmental data from multiple sources and generate reports required by state and federal regulations within minutes instead of weeks.
How The System Works
The picture shows the external devices that can be used to collect the sensor data from the combustion source.  

The sensor or tag data is sent to the DCS and from there it goes to either a historian or PLC where it is stored.  The model engine pulls the sensor data from the historian, DCS, or PLC and then calculates the sensor or tag data and provides minute by minute, real-time emissions calculations.

The emissions calculations are then sent to the, included, Data Acquition System (DAS) for your state and federal reporting requirements.  The included DAS has a group of standard reports that are easily produced in the system but if raw data is what you are looking for, the DAS allows you to export the data directly into an excel spreadsheet.  

Parametric models that produces real-time emissions numbers that are equivalent to or better than a hardware-based Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS). This is demonstrated by passing the same rigorous statistical certification tests required to approve hardware.  With PowerEMS you eliminate having to invest in additional equipment:

  • NO hardware analyzers
  • NO sampling systems
  • NO special enclosures
  • NO calibration gases​
Can Your Current CEMS Give You A Typical ROI Of 12-18 Months?
By eliminating the hardware the overall cost of monitoring your emissions is reduced substantually.  

The picture to your right provides an initial saving during installation, a five (5) year savings and a ten (10) year savings.  Also keep in mind that after ten (10) years the hardware CEMS would require upgrades and replacements.  Whereas with PEMS, the system is still valid and continues to work and run without the worry of continual maintenance or replacement.
Remote Monitoring

Worried about missing data?   Do you have locations that are
remote and difficult to obtain your emissions data?  Are you using field engineers to help support the environmental reports due to missing data? 

With a PowerEMS you will have the ability to monitor
your remote locations from the comfort of your desk or

The data is being stored on a historian or plc and is able to store data even when the communications are down.  Once the communications are restored the information is available to be downloaded right into the monitoring system to allow for the emission numbers to be recalculated.  Why is that important to you?  The numbers pulled from the historian or PLC are not considered missing or invalid because of the availablity of the data in the historian or PLC.​

It provides peace of mind to your EH&S manager and Plant manager that the environmental information is true and correct. 

Offshore, Peaking Plants and Compressor Stations are No Longer a Worry with Remote Monitoring

You are able to monitor emissions from your offshore drilling rigs to your remote peaking power facility all with piece of mind that your emissions data is correct and available.