The Wunderlich-Malec Power Emissions Montoring Solution Comes With Standard Reporting Included

Data Summary Reports (HDM)
Hourly concentration and corrected concentrations
Hourly mass emissions

Exceedance Reports
Note: depends on customer’s permit limits
Anything with limit property

Missing Data Reports
All 15M Outputs
Model Downtime Reports
All 1H Outputs

Downtime Reports

Model Data Summary Reports
Each Emissions Output is grouped with Applicable Process Inputs

Raw Emissions Output Report
All 1M Outputs

Process Input Diagnostic Status Report
All 1M Inputs
Unit Model Fail

Emissions Output Diagnostic Status Report
All 1M Outputs
Unit Model Fail

User Defined Reports Group
User can create their own Data Summary Reports
Custom Reports
If your company requires custom reports to meet corporate requirements, we are able to work with you to develop those reports and supply them with the solution.   Wunderlich-Malec has a staff of trained engineers to provide you with the reports you need, without going to a third party to produce them.  

Just another advantage of choosing Wunderlich-Malec as your partner in emissions monitoring technology.